Hi all! I’m the “good company” Nina mentioned in her last blog. So far Nina and I have been working out for a solid week and a half, consistently! We have both tried a lot of different diets, workouts, supplements, etc. and I think we both have reluctantly come to the realization that eating right, working out, and not depriving yourself is the best option. You might call it BALANCE, a simply concept but really hard to find.

A lot of our work outs have been us trying to figure out what works for both of us. It seems that HIIT/ circuit workouts combine the right amount of strength training and cardio that benefit us both. This workout I’m sharing was the first workout we both agreed challenged us the most. It’s about 45minutes to an hour, start to finish (we repeated each set twice) and is super easy to modify to your body, skill level, and availability. Ex. I forgot to bring the bands to the gym so we did the warm up without them and did a higher number of reps than we would have with the bands. And instead of “Banded Glute Bridge” we did “Single Leg Glute Bridge”. Simple changes but still challenging!

Balance Work Out

Well that’s the gist! As we pick up steam I’ll probably upload a week’s worth of work outs at once and most likely bore you with my meal plan! But more importantly I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the challenges. Because as you will come to find out, my favorite things are booze and food! Until next time, Megan.


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