I find it so true that you are the company you keep. This affects your attitude, mood, habits, etc. This summer I started off strong with the blog, working out, eating right only to lead to playing volleyball 3-4 times a week, starting night class, and not having time to exercise and eat healthy. While I was excelling mentally with work and school, I was not leaving time for my physicality. Along with my activities I was regularly stressed and took that out on food and not working out.

Alright, for the company I keep, my habits and mannerisms start to infuse with my friends. I feel like most people do. The point is that if one friend sluffs on working out or starts eating whatever they want, the other friend will follow. Every weekend consisted of eating whatever and drinking whatever. Volleyball was fun, but I was consuming WAY more calories that I was working off. Here I am damn near 2018 and I have officially gained back all the weight I lost last year. How am I going to get back on track? My friendship consisted of unhealthy habits.

Simple. Change yours and your friend’s bad habits into good ones! Genesis Healthy Club was offering a buddy pass for $15 a month. What a good way to kick things into gear and start working on fitness, eating, and REVAMPING the blog. I realized that having a friend by your side can make this easier.

To kick off this blog, again, my buddy Megan and I are going to be sharing the space. We both have common goals: Eat Healthy, Workout, and ultimately be Fabulous in our skin! We will be blogging about a variety of topics such as food, workouts, clothes. I mean who wouldn’t want to talk about that?!? We are hoping to make this a fun and motivating environment that can not only motivate ourselves but others too. Megan will be writing the next blog so stayed tuned!