Six Ways to Incorporate Exercise into a busy Routine

Hey guys! It’s been a busy few weeks at work and I’ve had a hard time keeping up with life. Just as I was getting into a healthy routine, work was extremely busy and my workout routine suffered. Except for the past few weeks I’ve been going to the gym during the lunch hour. It’s a perfect break to the work day and allows me to let loose and clear my mind. Sadly, I’ve been working over the lunch hour so I had to figure out what to do during my daily routine to get some extra steps in. Here’s my list of things that I did last week to put some pep in my step:

1. Park far away


A lot of empty parking stalls, and lot of extra steps

Parking far away in the huge mall parking lot allows you to get extra steps. It’s a small impact that doesn’t add too much time to your trip. Heck, when it’s cold out I sometimes jog into the store. Now that’s a quick way to elevate your heart rate.

2. Take the stairs!

Sounds simple enough right? Too often are we given easy, convenient shortcuts. I went to the mall and immediately saw the escalators. I must admit I had to search for the stairs. Hey it was only one flight of stairs, but making the decision to be healthy made me feel better. Plus, I generally get a lot of steps at the mall anyway running to the stores I need to visit.

3. Drinks lots of water…from a smaller cup.

I generally try to drink 80-100 ounces of water a day. I have a 30 oz cup that I fill 3-4  times a day. Instead of using that cup I downsized to my 20 ounce cup. Additionally, I tried to drink an extra cup or water last week. To make it simple: Smaller cup equals more trips to the water fountain. Increasing your water intake will make you take more trips to the bathroom. Also, I tend to munch on food at my desk. Drinking water makes me fuller and satisfies my need to intake substances.

4. Spend the weekend doing your favorite activity


My ‘Merica Themed Volleyball Team

This weekend I actually had some spare time and didn’t have to leave town! It was amazing! What does one do when they have spare time? Clean house or have a jammed packed sports weekend?? If you guessed cleaning house you and my house are sadly mistaken. Exercise over cleaning house any day…or at least this weekend. I played in a volleyball tournament Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t win either, but it was a good way to socialize with my volleyball people and have some fun in the sun. It’s actually kind of neat; there’s a whole volleyball community and you tend to see the same faces at every tourney. Saturday night Brenton and I went to the College World Series game where Florida Gators overtook TCU. Anyway, the point is after an all-day volleyball tournament I still found the energy to walk the many steps to the stadium and walk up the stairs.

5. Find alternative transportation methods

Luckily I live a few miles from both volleyball venues where I play. Instead of taking my car I took an extra 15 minutes to ride my bike too and from the volleyball courts. My neighborhood happens to be very hilly so I huff and puff slowly up the hills and reap the benefit of the downhill coast. It was also a good warmup before my games.

6. Make more trips when doing tasks at home

This is pretty self explanatory, but sometimes I tend to leave things out of place knowing that I can take them upstairs the next time I go. Instead of putting off housecleaning, I did smaller tasks immediately. Having a clean house makes me feel happy (it’s just not as often as I would like).

I’m sure there are more ways to get steps in, but these are the ones that were easy for me to incorporate into my busy routine last week. I’m off to a terrible start this week as far as going to the gym. I’m going to try to go Tuesday-Friday this week. I miss my lunch break workout and the fun group of gals that come with it.

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