A Frumpy, Fit, Fab Welcome

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog! I’m sure everyone starts off their blog that way so I figure why break the mold? Now, why is my blog different from the rest? There are plenty of blogs and YouTube videos about fitness, losing weight, eating, and healthy lifestyles. My goal of this is to offer a different perspective. I’m frumpy, I’m fit, and I try to be fabulous. Over the next few months I’m going to document my life as a slightly larger than average person who likes to be super active in sport-like activities and my social life. Hopefully, at the end of this blog I’ll meet my weight and muscle mass goal, and inspire others who are in my same situation to meet their goals.

Now, how did this all start? Marriage. I feel like whenever a girl announces they are engaged it’s followed by months of getting in shape for the wedding. #sweatingforthewedding #fitbride Needless to say I was one of those girls. I dieted and worked out for a year. Eventually I got to my ‘high school weight’. Then the wedding came; I married my husband, Brenton, in January at a beautiful spot in Cancun. My whole family couldn’t go so we decided to have a reception in April. After those two events, my diet and exercise routine took a beating. I crashed. Hard. Now, I’m back to my pre-engagement weight. I knew I needed to kickstart and get my booty in shape again if I wanted to maintain good health.

Brenton and I in Mexico at my high school weight of 185-190.

How does one start (or restart in this case) this journey? I figured that I might as well get the whole story. I went to a local nutrition store to get a total body composition analysis. This machine is great. You have a pin number that you can enter so it remembers your history and tracks your progress. I want to be totally transparent so you can fully understand my situation. See below for the results:

*This image is hard to read, but to sum it up I have 78.8 lbs of body fat mass. My BMI is 31.2 and my Percent Body Fat is 37.3. It is recommended that I lose 39.2 lbs.

It’s terrible to say, but when I saw this I thought “Oh, that’s not that bad. I only gained 15 pounds.” Seriously…15 pounds?! I should not be so chill with that. What took me all year to lose, only took me 5 months to gain. Wow. So here I am, writing this blog to maybe inspire others, but more so to hold me accountable!

Summary: I’m not an expert in fitness or nutrition. I’m just an normal gal, like you, who wants to lose some weight. I LOVE food, playing sports, and socializing with my friends. I’m here to give you a little taste with posts on fitness and alternatives (I don’t mind finding ways to skip the gym), healthy recipes and modifications to my favorite dishes, and how to do this with a super active schedule.

Please follow me, the frumpy, fit, and fabulous gal. We can do this together!

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